Peace matters

How to resolve conflicts, small or big ones?  How to build peace and tolerance?

As  education is an essential tool for achieving sustainability and peace, Environment Online - ENO calls schools to join Ahtisaari Days in ENO, 9 - 15 Nov 2015. The aim is to increase knowledge how to avoid and solve conflicts at schools and in the community as well as on the international level. It is essential to take responsibility and work together to avoid quarrels and to find a solution that all the counterparts agree. We need to work for peace in our daily lives.  

ENO has celebrated Ahtisaari Days since 2011. This time our special focus is  refugees. In addition to other activities we want to get video clipses by students concerning this issue. FInd the activities here.

Environment Online - ENO is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development, coordinated and maintained by ENO Programme Association based in the city of Joensuu, Finland.

Special topic: Asylum seekers and refugees

Thoughts from OŠ Davorina Jenka, Cerklje, Slovenia

Refugees in Iran - video by Kherad School, Tehran

ENO News For Ahtisaari Day

  • Activities by ENO Schools for Ahtisaari Days Please find some activities by ENO Schools around the world for the day here, including comments by schools about quarrels and disagreements.Kurkum - Peace Talks -Conflict Resolutiong Game in Georgia
    Lähettänyt 20.11.2013 klo 5.23 Mika Vanhanen
  • Learn about peace mediators through game! Could you be a peace mediator? This role play by Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs is part of the Ahtisaari Days, which will be celebrated in November. In schools, the ...
    Lähettänyt 10.10.2013 klo 23.05 Mika Vanhanen
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