Activities by ENO Schools for Ahtisaari Days

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Please find some activities by ENO Schools around the world for the day here, including comments by schools about quarrels and disagreements.

Learn about peace mediators through game!

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Could you be a peace mediator? This role play by Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs is part of the Ahtisaari Days, which will be celebrated in November. In schools, the goal is to increase awareness about conflict prevention and mediation
 both in the international level and within the school community. 

How to play the game with instructions, download below!

ENO celebrates Ahtisaari Days 4- 11 Nov 2013

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ENO celebrates Ahtisaari Days 4- 9 Nov 2013

ENO schools will celebrate again Ahtisaari Day, now from 4 Nov to 11 Nov 2013. This is the 3rd time since 2011. Last year the big start was 3 Nov in Indonesia where 25 000 trees of reconciliation were planted by 747 schools in OKI Regency,other schools in Indonesia and neighbouring countries . Otherwise schools follow the same activities like in earlier and information is available on

Feel free to join this event also in Facebook.

SMAN1 Ingin Jaya from Aceh, Indonesia

400 schools took part to Ahtisaari Day 2012

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Over 400 schools from 40 countries took part! 50 000 trees were planted to mark the day 3 Nov, discussions, workshops etc.

Read also about 25 000 trees planted for peace on 3 Nov 2012!
Thank you!

ENO celebrates Ahtisaari Day 3- 8 Nov 2012

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ENO schools will celebrate again Ahtisaari Day, now from 3 Nov to 8 Nov 2012. The big start will be 3 Nov in Indonesia where 25 000 trees of reconciliation will be planted by 747 schools in OKI Regency, and other schools in Indonesia and neighbour countries will join as well. Otherwise schools follow the same activities like in 2011.

ENO Israel & ENO Palestine plant trees of reconciliation and start co-operation

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A remarkable event took place in the Middle East on Ahtisaari Day. ENO Israel and ENO Palestine marked the day of reconciliation with trees that they planted, to respect environment and reconciliation. This extraordinary event was organised by ENO Israel Coordinator Carmella Baranga and ENO Palestine coordinator Mutasem Mafarjeh.  They made signs where they wrote school names from "the other side". This tree was to start the co-operation in other ENO activities. CONGRATULATIONS!


ENO Israel & ENO Palestine plant trees of reconciliation on Ahtisaari Day 16 Nov 2011

Carmella Baranga, Neve Shalom, Beer Sheva          Mutasem Mafarjeh, Beit Liqia Secondary Boys School, Ramallah

Fresh photos from ENO Ahtisaari Day Celebrations!

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Schools are submitting photos from their Ahtisaari Day event in a joint photo album.  Find already some fresh photos here and follow more new photos day by  day .The address for photos is

Find the slideshow of this new album below

Photos from Ahtisaari Day Celebrations 16 Nov 2011

Answer to questions by Finnish students!

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‎8th graders in Finland (Joensuu) have prepared some questions for students. Answers will be summarized and see on the website.

To enter this questionnaire click here or fill in the form below.

Questions by Finnish students for Ahtisaari Day

ENO Programme is celebrating Ahtisaari Day in over 60 countries

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Within six weeks about 200 schools from 62 countries have registered to celebrate Ahtisaari Day in the ENO Programme. This would not have been possible without powerful volunteering in Finland and around the world.

Schools have been empowered to celebrate the day in their ways. In Israel and Palestine schools will plant their trees or reconciliation together, as well as in Aceh, Pristhine and Kirkuk, for instance. Students have made videoclipses linked to theme, for instance in Tunisia.
Astonishing power for peace will be found in Taiwan.  Mingdao High School in Taiwan will organise a hug event where over 10 000 teachers and students will take part and sign their commitment. In Liberia schools will shake hands and hope for peace after the presidential elections. In Greece  teachers and students will explore this topic which is very relevant in due to their economical crisis and uncertainty. In Finland there will be a skype session between ENO schools where students from Joensuu discuss this topic with schools around the world.  Photos and video clipses from the day will be found on the event website and in Facebook.

ENO Programme's Ahtisaari Day website:

Quarrels and disagreements and how to overcome them?

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We will collect comments from you and your students about quarrels and disagreements at school and how to overcome them. 
We have prepared a form. The results will be shared on the Ahtisaari Day ENO Website.

You can fill in the form below:

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