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ENO Programme is celebrating Ahtisaari Day in over 60 countries

lähettänyt Mika Vanhanen 10.11.2011 klo 0.16

Within six weeks about 200 schools from 62 countries have registered to celebrate Ahtisaari Day in the ENO Programme. This would not have been possible without powerful volunteering in Finland and around the world.

Schools have been empowered to celebrate the day in their ways. In Israel and Palestine schools will plant their trees or reconciliation together, as well as in Aceh, Pristhine and Kirkuk, for instance. Students have made videoclipses linked to theme, for instance in Tunisia.
Astonishing power for peace will be found in Taiwan.  Mingdao High School in Taiwan will organise a hug event where over 10 000 teachers and students will take part and sign their commitment. In Liberia schools will shake hands and hope for peace after the presidential elections. In Greece  teachers and students will explore this topic which is very relevant in due to their economical crisis and uncertainty. In Finland there will be a skype session between ENO schools where students from Joensuu discuss this topic with schools around the world.  Photos and video clipses from the day will be found on the event website and in Facebook.

ENO Programme's Ahtisaari Day website: