Refugee crisis is a huge global problem today. We want to share students’ thoughts from around the world on this issue, both from countries where people have been forced to leave and from countries where people have entered as refugees.

Activity: A video clip (1-2 minutes)

1.Students in countries where people have left because of danger/violence

In the video, tell us

Your name, school and country
Why have people have left your country? What is the main reason?
If there are there students from your school who have left, tell us about them.
Do you see any solution for the problem? 

2.  Students in the countries that have received asylum seekers

In the video, tell us

Your name, school and country
From which countries have you received asylum seekers? Why?
Are there refugee students at your school?
Have you noticed hate speech or violence towards the refugees or asylum seekers? In your opinion, what are the reasons for this negative behaviour?
Do you see any solution to stop or decrease this kind of violence?


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